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Table 2 Calyx volume means for each formation

From: Ordovician–Silurian Lilliput crinoids during the end-Ordovician biotic crisis

Formation All measured specimens Species means for all measured specimens All specimens with species means
Chicotte Formation 3792.7 2678.9 7267.5
Jupiter Formation 771.7 564.5 543.1
Gun River Formation 16.5 26.4 5.9
Becscie Formation 51.5 82.1 96.9
Ellis Bay Formation 112.6 160.8 122.4
Vauréal Formation 181.9 463.2 197.8
  1. For “species means” the mean value of every species is averaged. For “all specimens,” all collected specimens are included with the volume for each specimen the mean value for that species in that formation. Measurements in mm3