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Table 1 Abbreviations

From: Asteroidea (Echinodermata) from the Oxfordian (Late Jurassic) of Savigna, Départment du Jura, France

abtam Abactinal transverse amb muscle
abiim Abactinal interradial interoral muscle (oral)
aciim Actinal interradial interoral muscle
actam Actinal transverse amb muscle
ada1 Single distal amb–adamb articulation
ada1a Distal adradial amb–adamb articulation
ada1b Distal abradial amb–adamb articulation
ada2 Proximal adradial amb–adamb articulation
ada3 Proximal abradial adamb–amb or adamb–adamb articulation
adada Adamb–adamb articulation
adadm Interadambulacral muscle
adpm Adamb prominence (on adamb)
adr Adradial ossicles
artr Articulation ridges on distal adamb of Plumaster
coh Circumoral head
dadam Distal amb–adamb muscle
dcoa Distal circumoral articulation on oral
dcp Distal circumoral process on circumoral
de Dentition (orals, ambs, peds)
doda Distal odontophore articulation (on oral, odontophore)
fs Attachment of furrow spine
im Inferomarginal
iioa Interradial interoral articulation (on oral)
lia Longitudinal interambulacral articulation
lim Longitudinal interambulacral muscle
orada Adambulacral articulation (on oral)
oradm Oral adambulacral muscle
osp Attachment of oral spine
padam Proximal adamb–amb muscle
pb Proximal blade (oral ossicle)
pcoa Proximal oral–circumoral articulation
pcp Proximal circumoral process (on circumoral)
pir Primary interradial ossicle
poda Proximal odontophore articulation (on oral and odontophore)
ra Radial
rart Radial articulation of proximal blade (on oral)
riom Radial interoral muscle
rng Ring nerve groove on oral
rvg Ring vessel groove on oral
sm Superomarginal ossicle
sas Subadambulacral spine
sos Attachment of suboral spine