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Table 1 Synopsis of species of Glypturus known to date. G. sp. = G. rabalaisae sensu Sakai (2005, 2011); nomen nudum. For map of areal extent of Recent species see Hyžný and Müller (2012: fig. 11)

From: The fossil record of Glypturus (Decapoda: Axiidea: Callianassidae) revisited with additional observations and description of a new species

Taxon Age Occurrence
G. fraasi Middle–Late Eocene Egypt, Spain, Hungary, Italy, ?Namibia
G. spinosus Late Eocene Hungary
G. berryi Oligocene USA (Mississippi)
G. pugnax Early Miocene Java
G. munieri Middle–Late Miocene Hungary, Austria, Malta
G. persicus n. sp. Middle–Late Miocene Iran
G. toulai Late Miocene Panama
G. armatus (=G. motupore) Pliocene–Recent Vanuatu (fossil); Indian Ocean + West Pacific
G. acanthochirus Late Pleistocene–Recent Jamaica (fossil); Caribbean (Recent)
G. laurae Recent Red Sea
G. sp. Recent Gulf of Mexico