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Fig. 13

From: Evolutionary prospection in the Neogene planktic foraminifer Globorotalia menardii and related forms from ODP Hole 925B (Ceara Rise, western tropical Atlantic): evidence for gradual evolution superimposed by long distance dispersal?

Fig. 13Fig. 13

Contoured frequency plots of spiral height (δX) versus axial length (δY) for G. limbata (solid black lines) in keel view from 0 to 7.96 Ma at Hole 925B. Gray contour diagrams are those of G. menardii (identical to those shown in Fig. 12) for comparison reasons. Gray vertical lines at δX = 300 μm are for easier comparison of modal centers. For explanations see caption of Fig. 12. Measurements of δX and δY from individuals can be read from Table 4b in the electronic supplementary materials

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