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Table 1 Comparison of the higher level classification schemes of nautiloid cephalopods used by Flower and Kummel (1950) and the Russian and American treatises

From: High-level classification of the nautiloid cephalopods: a proposal for the revision of the Treatise Part K

Flower and Kummel (1950) Ruzhentsev et al. (1962) (Osnovy) Teichert et al. (1964) (Treatise Part K)
Subclass Order Superorder Order/suborder Subclass Order/superfamily
Nautiloidea Not recognised Nautiloidea Order Volborthellida Doubtful nautiloid Order Volborthellida
Order Ellesmeroceratida Order Ellesmeroceratida Nautiloidea Order Ellesmerocerida
Order Bassleroceratida
Order Tarphyceratida Order Tarphyceratida
 Suborder Tarphyceratina
 Suborder Barrandeoceratina
Order Tarphycerida
Order Barrandeoceratida Order Barrandeocerida
Order Michelinoceratida Order Orthoceratida Order Orthocerida
Superfamily Orthocerataceae
Superfamily Pseudorthocerataceae
Order Ascoceratida Order Ascoceratida Order Ascocerida
Order Discosorida Order Discosorida Order Discosorida
Order Oncoceratida Order Oncoceratida Order Oncocerida
Orders Nautilida, Centroceratida, Rutoceratida and Solenochilida Order Nautilida
 Suborder Rutoceratina
 Suborder Tainoceratina
Suborder Centroceratina
Suborder Liroceratina
Suborder Nautilina
Order Nautilida
 Superfamily Trigonocerataceae
 Superfamily Tainocerataceae
 Superfamily Aipocerataceae
 Superfamily Clydonicerataceae
 Superfamily Nautilaceae
Order Actinoceratida Actinoceratoidea Order Actinoceratida Actinoceratoidea Order Actinocerida
Order Endoceratida Endoceratoidea Order Endoceratida
 Suborder Proterocameroceratina
 Suborder Endoceratina
Endoceratoidea Order Endocerida
Not recognised Order Intejoceratida Order Intejocerida
Not recognised Bactritoidea Order Bactritida Bactritoidea Order Bactritida