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Fig. 2

From: Description of a fossil camelid from the Pleistocene of Argentina, and a cladistic analysis of the Camelinae

Fig. 2Fig. 2

Schematic drawings of L. guanicoe. a Skull, lateral view. b Skull, dorsal view. c Skull, occlusal view. d Mandible, lateral view. Abbreviations: pr = premaxillary bone; ma = maxillary bone; fr = frontal bone; la = lacrimal bone; ju = jugal bone; te = temporal bone; oc = occipital bone; sp = sphenoid bone; pt = pterygoid bone; vo = vomer bone; pl = palatine bone; pa = parietal bone; I3 = third upper incisor; I1 = first lower incisor; I2 = second lower incisor; I3 = third lower incisor; C = Upper canine; c = Lower canine; P1 = first upper premolar; P1 = first lower premolar; P2 = second lower premolar; P4 = fourth upper premolar; P4 = fourth lower premolar; M1 = first upper molar; M1 = first lower molar; M2 = second upper molar; M2 = second lower molar; M3 = third upper molar; M3 = third lower molar

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