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Table 1 Measurements (in mm) of the referred skull of the Caujarao delphinidan MTT-V-558

From: A stem delphinidan from the Caribbean region of Venezuela

Dimensions MTT-V-558
Condylobasal length 530+
Length of the rostrum 275+
Width of rostrum at base 160
Width of the rostrum at 60 mm anterior to the line across hindmost limits of antorbital notches 112
Width of rostrum at midlength 95
Width of premaxillae at midlength of the rostrum 70
Width of rostrum at 3⁄4 length, measured from posterior end 81
Height of rostrum at base 82
Height of rostrum at midlength 49
Height of rostrum at end 46
Distance from tip of rostrum to external nares 347+
Maximum width of the external right bony nare 27
Maximum width of the external left bony nare 31
Greatest preorbital width (width across preorbital processes) 240e
Greatest postorbital width (width across postorbital processes) 290e
Least supraorbital width 270e
Maximum width of external nares 71
Greatest width across zygomatic processes of squamosal 270e
Greatest width of premaxillae 127
  1. e estimate, + measurement on incomplete element