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Fig. 3

From: Taxonomic revision of the snakes of the genera Palaeopython and Paleryx (Serpentes, Constrictores) from the Paleogene of Europe

Fig. 3

Modified from plate 26 of Filhol (1877a)—numbers 435–444 corresponds to the original figure numbering of that publication. The same exactly lithograph appeared in Filhol (1877b, 1877c)

Original lithograph of the type material of Palaeopython cadurcensis from imprecisely known localities in the Phosphorites du Quercy: a, b paralectotype left maxilla MNHN.F QU16321 in medial (a) and labial (b) views; c, d paralectotype right dentary MNHN.F QU16317 in medial (c) and labial (d) views; e, f lectotype (herein designated) five articulated trunk vertebrae MNHN.F QU16318 in ventral (e) and dorsal (f) views; g–j paralectotype (currently non-located) trunk vertebra in ventral (g), anterior (h), dorsal (i), and posterior (j) views. Note that the figures represent the reverse images of the respective specimens, as is the common practice in lithography.

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