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Table 5 List of scleractinian corals reported from localities having stratigraphic ranges of the coral-bearing strata that are not yet clearly defined: Armenia (*Tithonian–Valanginian; Papoyan, 1982; **Valanginian–Hauterivian; Papoyan, 1989); Norway (Valanginian–Hauterivian; Svalbard, “Spitsbergen; Baron-Szabo, 2005); Poland (Sub-Silesian Nappe, Outer Carpathians; questionable Valanginian age; Kołodziej, 2003); South Africa (upper Valanginian–lower Hauterivian; Uitenhage; Kitchin, 1908); Spain (Berriasian–Valanginian; Andalusia; Geyer & Rosendahl, 1985); USA (Texas, Knowles Limestone; upper Berriasian–Valanginian; Scott, 1984)

From: Scleractinian corals from the Lower Cretaceous of the Alpstein area (Anthozoa; Vitznau Marl; lower Valanginian) and a preliminary comparison with contemporaneous coral assemblages

Armenia Norway Poland Spain South Africa USA (Texas) Remarks
**Agathelia asperella       
  Arctangia nathorsti      
      Actinaraea tenuis In having a septal density of 11–13 septa/ 2 mm, the Texan material differs from the species A. tenuis
    Aulastreaopora sp.    
*Dermoseris delgadoi       
*Dimorpharaea lineata       
**Fungiastraea tendagurensis       
**Glenarea jurenensis       Taxon is in need of revision
    Hydnophora sp.    
   ?Intersmilia sp.     
    Latiastraea sp    
**Microphyllia undans       
*Microsolena exigua       
**Microsolena crassisepta       
   Mitrodendron cf. modicum     
   Pachythecophyllia eliasovae     
   Placophyllia dianthus     
**Stylina elegans       
    Stylosmilia gracilis    
     Thamnasteria sp.   
*Thecosmilia dichotoma