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Table 1 Otolith- and skeleton-based taxa in the Pebas Fm. from the Bluntschli and Peyer collection

From: Fish otoliths from the middle Miocene Pebas Formation of the Peruvian Amazon

Taxonomy Layer
Higher ranking Family Genus Species I VI
 Myliobatiformes Potamotrygonidae Potamotrygon aff. †P. rajachloeae T  
   Potamotrygon P. canaanorum T  
   Indet Indet T  
 Siluriformes Ariidae Cantarius nolfi O  
   Cantarius ohei n. sp.   O
 Cichliformes Cichlidae Cichlasoma blunschlii n. sp. O  
   Indet Indet B  
 Perciformes Percoidei indet Indet Indet O  
  Sciaenidae Pebasciaena n. gen. amazonensis n. sp.   O
   Plagioscion peyeri n. sp. O O
   Pogonias tetragonus n. sp. O O
   Sciaenops? sp. O  
   Umbrina pachaula n. sp. O  
  ?Sciaenidae (pharyngeal teeth) Indet Indet T T
 Characiformes ?Bryconidae/Characidae Indet Indet T  
  Cynodontidae Indet Indet T  
  Hemiodontidae Hemiodus sp. T  
  Serrasalmidae cf. Mylossoma sp. T  
   “pacu” or “Myleus” clades Indet B, T  
   cf. Serrasalmus sp. T  
  Callichthyidae Indet Indet B  
  Doradidae Indet Indet B  
  Loricariidae Indet Indet B, T  
  Pimelodidae Indet Indet B  
Osteoglossiformes ?Osteoglossoidei Indet Indet S  
 Incertae sedis ?†Acregoliathidae ?†Acregoliath sp. S  
 Indet Indet Indet Indet B, T  
 Crocodylia–Alligatoridae Indet Indet Indet T  
  1. O otolith, B skeletal remains, S scales, T teeth. Fossil records of “B,” “S,” and “T” were reported previously in Carrillo-Briceño et al. (2021)