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  1. Kionaster petersonae, n. gen. and sp., from the Miocene Chipola Formation of Florida, is the first-known fossil member of the extant family Asterodiscididae Rowe. Although abactinal and marginal expressions clear...

    Authors: Daniel B. Blake and Roger W. Portell
    Citation: Swiss Journal of Palaeontology 2010 130:5
  2. The internal, multi-element skeleton of echinoderms can differentiate almost as much as that of the vertebrates. The implied probability of post-mortem disarticulation was bypassed in pelagic species, whose ca...

    Authors: Adolf Seilacher
    Citation: Swiss Journal of Palaeontology 2010 130:12
  3. Encrinus liliiformis is a well known crinoid from the middle Triassic Muschelkalk of Europe. A statistical analysis of crown shape was conducted in order to quantify possible differences in crown morphology of E.

    Authors: Janina F. Dynowski and James H. Nebelsick
    Citation: Swiss Journal of Palaeontology 2010 130:7

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